How to Replace an Inground Pool Skimmer Weir

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Keep the surface of your pool clean with a skimmer using a new skimmer weir.

An inground swimming pool skimmer filters and cleans the surface of the pool water. The skimmer connects directly to the pool's PVC plumbing, which leads to the pool filter. A skimmer consists of a large plastic body, a basket, pressure plate and weir. The skimmer's weir acts as a door that allows water to enter the skimmer, but not to exit. The weir attaches to the skimmer wall using two lock pins that utilize springs to grip the skimmer wall.


Step 1

Shut off the pool filter and pump. Ensure no water flows through the pool.

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Step 2

Remove the skimmer lid from the top of the skimmer. Reach into the skimmer and access the skimmer weir from behind.

Step 3

Feel along the bottom of the weir for two lock pins. Press each pin in simultaneously to free the weir from the skimmer wall. Pull the skimmer weir away from the wall.

Step 4

Insert the replacement weir into the skimmer from the outside of the skimmer opening. Insert one of the skimmer lock pins into the appropriate hole to depress it, then insert the other pin into the other hole. Release the lock pins to secure the weir in place against the skimmer wall.


Remove any floating toys and other floats from the pool when the pool is not in use. Floating objects bump into the skimmer weir and can damage it.

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