How to Clean Up Liquid-Plumr

Things You'll Need

  • Chemical-approved safety goggles

  • Chemical-approved gloves

  • Paper towels

  • Rubber bucket

Liquid-Plumr is a brand name drain cleaner manufactured by The Clorox Company for residential drain-clearing use. Liquid-Plumr contains sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite as its active ingredients. Sodium hypochlorite, known as chlorine bleach, and sodium hydroxide, known as lye, cause severe burns to skin and eyes. Inhalation of Liquid-Plumr fumes or droplets can damage the respiratory tract. Cleaning up a Liquid-Plumr spill requires following safety procedures and recommendations to avoid burns, permanent injury or death.

Spills on People

Step 1

Leave the room to avoid inhaling vapors. If inhalation has occurred, move outside to breathe in fresh air. If a victim has lost consciousness, move him outside and call for emergency medical help.

Step 2

Take off any clothing with Liquid-Plumr on it. If Liquid-Plumr is over a large area of clothing, step into the shower, turn the water on and strip under the cascading water.

Step 3

Run fresh water over the areas of your skin that came in contact with Liquid-Plumr to avoid chemical burns and tissue damage. If you are outside, breathing in fresh air, turn a garden hose on to flush affected areas.

Step 4

Lean your head into a sink and allow cool water to run over your eyes, if Liquid-Plumr splashed into your eyes, for a minimum of 15 minutes. Seek emergency medical attention. Remove contact lenses immediately.


Step 1

Open windows and doors to provide adequate ventilation to the room with the Liquid-Plumr spill.

Step 2

Don chemical-approved safety goggles and chemical-approved gloves. Safety goggles contain the entire eye area and keep the eyes safe from chemical splashes whereas safety glasses allow chemical entry from the sides.

Step 3

Pour water over the spill to thin the chemical concentration to safer handling levels.

Step 4

Absorb the spills from floors with paper towels and dispose of contaminated toweling in a water-filled rubber pail. Rubber will not degrade in the presence of lye.

Step 5

Contact your hazardous waste department for proper disposal procedures. You can dispose of small amounts safely by flushing down the drain.


Never leave an uncapped bottle of Liquid-Plumr sitting anywhere.


Do not mix Liquid-Plumr with other chemicals as it can create a toxic vapor. Do not allow pets or children near a Liquid-Plumr spill. For accidental ingestion of Liquid-Plumr, drink water and call for emergency medical help.