How to Put Gutters on a Mobile Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Gutters

  • Joints

  • Downspout

  • Nails/screws

  • Hammer

  • Drill driver

  • Ladder

  • Saw

  • Tin snips

  • Epoxy

Gutters are important features of any building.

Gutters are meant to catch the rain that runs off from your roof to keep it away from the sides of your mobile home. This protection is important to maintaining the house's integrity over time and it can be a major lifesaver when it comes to keeping up appearances. Installing gutters on a mobile home is very similar to installing them on a regular home, but you need to make sure that the gutters you get are specifically designed for a mobile home and that they fit your home specifically.


Step 1

Measure out the length of the gutter you're going to need installed for each side. Keep in mind that there is a slope you need to put in to ensure the water drains properly. It should be a one inch drop for every 20 feet of gutter that's installed. This slope must remain constant as the gutter slopes to the downspout, so it's important that you choose which side of the mobile home is the high side and which the low side, so you know where to install the downspouts. While it's possible to only have one, installing two, or even four, is another method.


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Step 2

Assemble as much of the gutters on the ground as you can. Use epoxy to join together the sections that you need and a saw or tin snips to cut the gutters into the lengths required. This will cut down on difficulties installing each piece once you lift the gutter up against the wall.

Step 3

Place the gutter against the wall of the mobile home and secure it in place. Most gutters have screws or nails that you can attach it directly to the roofline with, but others will be held in brackets that hook up to the shingles. Attach a fastener in each, pre-drilled hole in the gutter.


Step 4

Attach the elbow joints to hook the gutters together at the corners. Keep in mind that the gutters need to have the proper slope if you're going to hook them together. Also, the corners are typically where you install the downspout, because where the low corners meet is where all of the drainage will go to.


Step 5

Attach the downspout to the low point of the gutter. Do not glue the downspout in, as it will need to be removed in case cleaning becomes necessary. Once the downspout is put in place and secured to the corner -- there should be brackets that screw in -- your mobile home gutters should be ready to go.


Set aside a weekend to get the gutters fully installed. You should be able to do it in a day, but it never hurts to be prepared.


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