How to Store Inflatable Pool Floats

An inflated swimming pool float lets you lounge in the pool without fear of drowning or having to keep your head above water. The inflated float must be properly stored when pool season ends so that it can be used again when the pool reopens. The float can be stored inflated, deflated or placed into a bag for safekeeping. Supplies to aid in storing the float can be acquired from a Pool/Spa supply store or a home and garden shop.

Things You'll Need

  • Portable inflation pump, electric powered
  • Plastic tarp
  • Plastic blanket bag

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Inflate the Float

Remove the cap from over the inflatable pool float’s valve tube.

Squeeze the sides of the valve as you blow into the tube to inflate the float; insert the hose of an electric-powered portable inflation pump and use this to blow up the float instead if it is too difficult to do this with breath.

Place the inflated floats in a corner of the pool shed. Cover the floats with a plastic tarp.

Inspect the floats in a couple of days; if the floats are deflated, there are leaks that must be repaired before the pool season starts.

Deflate The Float

Remove the cap from over the inflated pool float’s valve tube. Squeeze the sides of the valve to release the air from the tube.

Continue to squeeze the sides of the valve until all of the air has exited the float; if there are more than one valve tube on the float, follow this procedure with all of them.

Place the float on a level surface; for example, the pool’s deck. Press down on the float with your hands to push out any air that is still inside.

Close the caps on the pool valve tubes.

Place the deflated float in a corner on the deck or in the pool shed until it’s time to inflate them.

Bagging The Float

Remove the caps from the inflatable pool float’s tube valves.

Press against the float to force the air out. Continue pushing against the float until all of the air has been pushed out, and the float is limp.

Lay the float on the pool deck. Roll one end of the float over to the other end.

Place the float into a plastic blanket bag. Close the bag’s zipper.

Store the float in the pool shed or in the home’s basement until it’s pool season again.

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