How to Clean a Clog in a Hoover SteamVac

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The Hoover SteamVac is a bare floor, deep carpet, stairwell and upholstery cleaner that picks up fine dirt and dust as well as hair, lint and other larger debris. Sometimes the wet debris, as it's suctioned into the cleaner, accumulates in another area instead of the recovery tank. These clogs usually occur in the recovery tank lid, the hose or the floor nozzle. Typically, removing a clog doesn't require professional assistance or any additional tools beyond those included with the cleaner.


Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Hoover SteamVac.

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Step 2

Remove the cleaning solution tank and set it aside. Press the handle release pedal and lower the handle to the floor.

Step 3

Lift the lid off the recovery tank and check for any visible clog. If you see a clog in the lid, remove the filter from the lid and rinse both pieces under warm running water, to remove debris and then return the lid to the tank. For a full recovery tank, remove the tank, dispose of the dirty water and solution down a drain, rinse out the tank and then return it to the cleaner.

Step 4

Pull the hose solution tube connector from the top of the cleaner -- if you're dealing with a clog in the hose -- and then lift the lid from the recovery tank and pull the hose connector from the slot.

Step 5

Hold the hose end up by both hands and carry it to your bathtub or shower. Remove the upholstery tool, check it for clogs and rinse debris out of it if necessary, or simply set it aside. Place one end of the hose over a drain and the other end under a faucet or showerhead, run water through the hose to dislodge clogs, then return the hose to the cleaner when finished.


Step 6

Grasp the nozzle in one hand and hold it up slightly at an angle, so that you can slide the T-shaped end of the nozzle-cleaning tool inside to remove debris. Slide the tool up and then right or left and down, to pull the clog out of the nozzle. Repeat as needed, until you've completely cleaned out the nozzle.

Step 7

Return the solution tank to your cleaner when finished. Plug in and turn on the cleaner. Try cleaning again.

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