How to Cut Gutters With Miter Saws

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Miter saw

  • Saw table

Gutters are most often aluminum or plastic.

An efficient gutter system collects the rainfall that falls on a roof and transports it to specified location on the ground. This strategic transportation reduces the chance of flooding or puddles around the perimeter of the building. Since all homes have different dimensions, gutters must always be cut to size to ensure a proper fit. A rotary miter saw is one of the best tools to use to cut gutters.


Step 1

Unplug the miter saw, if it is plugged into an electrical source. Install a 12-inch blade with a carbide-tipped finish on the miter saw. The process to change a saw blade differs, depending on the brand and model of the saw, so check your user's guide if you are unsure.

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Step 2

Measure the gutter to the desired length. Mark a spot on the edge of the gutter with a pencil, as a guide for where to cut.

Step 3

Place the gutter on the miter saw table. Hold the gutter firmly against the fence of the table -- the short wall at the back of the table that makes it possible to cut straight lines.

Step 4

Adjust the angle of the saw if the gutter goes on a corner. In most cases, this is a 45-degree angle. The process to change the angle differs, depending on the model of the saw, but it generally requires you to loosen a nut or lever and swivel the bevel scale left or right. Again, check the user's guide if you are unsure of how to operate the saw table.


Step 5

Stand behind the saw and lower it to the gutter, to make sure the measurement is lined up properly, before you make the cut. Position the blade so it's approximately 1/16-inch outside the marked line, rather than directly on top of the line, to ensure you get the full length.

Step 6

Plug in the saw and squeeze the trigger button. Grab one side of the gutter and lower the saw slowly to the gutter. Cut all the way through, at a consistent speed. Let go of the trigger when through and then pull the saw back up to its starting position. Repeat the process for additional cuts.


Wear safety glasses and work gloves when cutting gutters with a miter saw.


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