How to Keep Snakes Out of a Garage

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam Insulation

  • Mothballs

Although snakes are a beneficial species, they are generally unwanted around the garage.

Snakes are a very common animal in many parts of the world. They can survive nearly anywhere, and inhabit every continent excluding Antarctica. Snakes come in many sizes, ranging from thread snakes that are a mere 4 inches long at adulthood, up to the massive reticulated python which can reach lengths of over 20 feet. Snakes may enter the garage for many reasons; including warmth, protection and to search for food. Fortunately there are techniques that can be used to keep snakes from coming into the garage.


Step 1

Seal up any holes that lead into the garage. Snakes can take advantage of very small entrances. Foam insulation is a useful product for sealing holes.

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Step 2

Clean up any debris that is laying around the garage. Snakes love to hide underneath things, and they will be less likely to come near the garage if there are no hiding spots outside.


Step 3

Trim any tall grass or bushes around the garage. These also make great hiding places for snakes.

Step 4

Place mothballs around the perimeter of the garage. Mothballs repel snakes.

Step 5

Remove any pests that inhabit the building. Many snakes are attracted to garages because they often are home to mice and rats, which is what snakes eat.


Use caution when using mothballs around small children and pets. If a snake is found in the garage, call animal control to remove it. Although most snakes are harmless, it can be difficult to distinguish a nonvenomous snake from a venomous one.



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