How to Remove PVA Glue From Wood Joints

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Things You'll Need

  • Hairdryer

  • Paint scraper

PVA glue is the type of glue kids use from an early age.

PVA glue stands for polyvinyl acetates glue and generally comes in two forms: white and yellow. The white glue is the familiar craft glue that nearly every child has used. The yellow form often bears the name "carpenter's glue" and woodworkers and handymen often use it to bond pieces of wood together. If you've gotten some very stubborn and dry PVA wood glue on wood joint, water might seem like the best way to remove it, but PVA glue is waterproof when dry and water might warp the wood. Luckily, you can still remove the PVA glue quickly and efficiently.


Step 1

Plug in a hairdryer to an outlet that is near the glue dried onto the wood joints. Turn the hair dryer onto low.

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Step 2

Hold the warm stream of air directly onto the dried glue for five minutes. Gently test the glue with your finger. It should be dramatically softened. If not, hold the stream of hot hair onto the hair dryer for another five minutes to appropriately soften it.


Step 3

Scrape off the softened glue with a paint scraper. Be careful not to scratch the wood. You can usually rub off any remaining specks of glue with your fingers.



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