How to Better Cool a Room With High Ceilings

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Things You'll Need

  • Ceiling fans

  • Fan on stand

  • Solid shades or curtains

You may be accidentally making a big cooling mistake in your high-ceilinged room.

Rooms with high ceilings offer a wide open feel and endless decorating possibilities, but during the summer they can easily become hot. In the same way that it will be more difficult to heat the entire room during the winter, keeping the high-ceilinged room cool in the summer will take some extra effort. If your air conditioner isn't doing the trick by itself, employ a few techniques to help better circulate the air and keep the room at a consistently cool temperature.


Step 1

Install ceiling fans in the room and make sure they are on when your air conditioner is running. Also set up a fan in the room itself, like a standing fan, to continue the circulation at the bottom level of the room.

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Step 2

Install solid shades or curtains over the windows in the room that are capable of blocking out all the sunlight. Keep the windows covered whenever there is direct sunlight entering the room.

Step 3

If you live in a climate that cools down a little at night, open the windows after dark to invite the cool in and close them at sunrise to shut out the incoming heat.


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