How to Get Old Gum Off of Sidewalks

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Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air dust-removal spray

  • Hammer

  • Putty knife or chisel

  • Lubricant spray

  • White distilled vinegar

  • Toothbrush

Stuck gum on sidewalks is an unsightly problem. Fresh gum will stick to the shoes of walkers, and old gum, full of dirt and grime, becomes solid black blemishes along the concrete. If you are looking to clean your sidewalk of chewing gum, it won't necessarily be easy. There are a handful of different methods you can try to harden or soften the gum for removal.


Step 1

Spray the gum with compressed air. The compressed air will freeze the gum.

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Step 2

Hammer a chisel or putty knife underneath the frozen gum to lift it off the sidewalk.

Step 3

Spray the remnants with a lubricant spray such as WD-40. Allow a few minutes for the solution to soak. Use the hammer and putty knife to scrape up as much of the gum as you can.


Step 4

Pour household white distilled vinegar over the spot. Allow the vinegar to soak for a few minutes and scrub the area vigorously with a brush to remove the gum that has seeped into the pores of the concrete sidewalk. Optionally, you can use a commercial "goo" removal solution, such as Goo Gone, in place of the vinegar.


If the above methods fail, user a pressure washer to clean the gum off the sidewalk.



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