How to Put Blades in a Bostitch Box Cutter

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Over time the blades in your Stanley Bostitch box cutter become dull. Because of its disposable design, often people throw out the box cutter when the blade dulls and purchase a new one. However, it is possible to change the blades in the box cutter and save money. Unlike a standard utility knife, the Bostitch box cutter comes apart without screws. Putting new blades in a Bostitch box cutter makes the box cutter work like new.


Step 1

Hold the outside casing of the Bostitch box cutter with one hand. Grab the end of the inner sleeve opposite the blade with your other hand. Pull the inner sleeve out of the outer casing.

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Step 2

Grab the top of the razor blade and pull it out of the inner sleeve. The razor blade fits inside a groove channel. The top of the razor blade is thicker than the rest of the blade.


Step 3

Insert a new standard single-edge razor blade into the front groove channel of the inside sleeve. The top of the blade sits on the top of the inner sleeve channel.

Step 4

Line up the front of the inner sleeve with the rear of the outer casing and insert the sleeve into the casing.


Utility knives require disassembly when replacing the blade. Remove the screw securing the two halves of the knife together. Separate the halves and replace the blade.


Wear leather gloves when replacing blades to protect against accidental cuts.

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