How to Make Belt Gun Holsters for Revolvers

If you want to make a cowboy costume for Halloween, a gun holster with a revolver tucked in the pouch is essential. Of course you can purchase expensive ready-made holsters or you can make your own for far less. Making your own holster is quite simple and takes only about an hour of your time. Once you make it you can use it every year if you like, or pass it down to future generations of cowboy costume wearers in your family.

Things You'll Need

  • Material

  • Marker

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Leather belt

  • Utility knife

Holster Pocket Pattern

Step 1

Lay a fake revolver down on a piece of material. The material should be somewhat stiff, such as vinyl, soft leather or even felt. The material should also be doubled, with the right sides facing each other.

Step 2

Outline the revolver on the back of the material from the top of the handle of the weapon, down around the barrel and up to the bottom of the handle on the other side with a marker. Your outline will have a shape similar to that of a large carrot, with a gap between the top line and the end of the line. The outline should be drawn about 1-inch from the revolver, allowing for a hem and room for the gun to slide into the holster. Remove the gun from the material.

Step 3

Connect the start of the line on top of the outline with the end of the line where the bottom of the handle was with a marker. Mark the end of the bottom line with an "X" before continuing.

Step 4

Cut out the outline for the holster pocket with scissors, cutting through both pieces of material. Then set the bottom piece of material aside.


Step 1

Find the "X" mark on the top piece of material and draw a line from the "X" straight across the top of the fabric to the opposite edge. Then cut across that line with scissors, eliminating the rounded top that will remain on the other piece of fabric.

Step 2

Lay the smaller section of material back on top of the larger section of material, right sides facing each other and line up the edges on the bottom and the sides.

Step 3

Sew a ½ -inch seam down both sides and bottom of the holster pocket with a straight stitch and a needle and thread, connecting the two pieces of material together and leaving the top of the holster pocket open. Turn the holster pocket right side out.


Step 1

Measure the width of a leather belt that will hang slightly on your hips when worn.

Step 2

Lay the holster pocket on a table, with the shorter side of the pocket facing you.

Step 3

Mark the top of the rounded, larger portion of the holster pocket above the smaller pocket with two vertical lines. The vertical lines should be at least ½ -inch from the sides of the rounded portion of the material and as long as the width measurements you took for your belt. Use a utility knife and make slits in the material along each of the two lines.

Step 4

Slide the end of your leather belt into the first slit from underneath the material, then guide the end of the belt up over the material on the larger pocket and through the other slit toward the back of the material. Pull the belt through the two slits until the holster pocket is positioned on the belt where you want it to be.

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