How to Fix the Tip of a Pilot Rolling Ball Pen

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The Pilot Rolling Ball Fountain Pen works properly as a pen for a long time from when you acquire it. The tip of the pen may experience an issue after some time has passed. You can send your pen back to Pilot for repair, but the company provides some repair tips to try first. Generally, you can fix your pen by following the instructions provided by Pilot.


Things You'll Need

  • Ammonia

  • Cloth

  • Water

Step 1

Insert your converter into the pen. Clean the pen with a solution of one-third ammonia and two-thirds cold water. You may even let the solution soak in the pen overnight. Repeat the cleanse using only cold water. Reinsert the ball point tip.

Step 2

Use a soft cloth to wipe the head of the pen. This may remedy the issue. Further, avoid writing on slick coated paper. Sometimes pens don't work well with this paper type.

Step 3

Lighten your touch on the pen. If you press too hard, this can ruin the nib of your pen.