How to Seal the O-Ring on a Swimming Pool Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth

  • Silicone-based lubricant

Swimming pool filter O-rings are commonly made from EPDM rubber because of its ability to withstand harmful outdoor conditions. Only silicone-based lubricants can be used on the O-rings because the chemical composition of the rubber breaks down with the use of petroleum-based lubricants. O-rings are found in a number of locations on a swimming pool filter and each O-ring seals in the same manner. Take the appropriate steps to seal the O-rings on the filter to avoid future damage.


Step 1

Clean the area around the pool filter where the O-ring installs to remove traces of diatomaceous earth or debris in the area with a soft cloth. A filter has several O-rings in different locations. They install on the pressure gauge and the tank adapter at the top of the filter. A large O-ring exists between the top and the bottom of the tank on two-piece swimming pool filters. Other O-rings install in the filter outlets, inlets and drain plug.


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Step 2

Wipe the O-ring clean with a soft cloth to remove debris and old sealant. Debris and old sealant could cause the O-ring to not seal properly.

Step 3

Inspect the O-ring for damage, such as cracks or crimped areas. Replace the damaged O-ring if necessary.


Step 4

Apply a thin coat of silicone-based lubricant for use on a swimming pool filter's O-rings. Ensure you coat the entire O-ring with lubricant.

Step 5

Install the O-ring into the swimming pool filter. Determine the O-ring seats snugly in the groove and does not protrude from the groove or kink; protruding O-rings could indicate the ring is old and needs to be replaced.


Do not apply too much lubricant to the inlet, outlet and drain plug O-rings. Dirt and debris can stick to the excess lubricant, clogging the tubes.



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