How to Lubricate Nylon Bushings

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Things You'll Need

  • Nonacid lubricant, such as general-purpose oil

  • Brush or lubricant spray gun

  • Cloth

Nylon bushings (bearings) can be used with or without any lubrication. Nylon bushings are typically very quiet, can be easily molded, exhibit low friction and resist abrasion. Operating procedures will dictate if lubrication would be beneficial, but in most situations, it is recommended that the bushings be lubricated unless used in a dry application, typically in textile and food machinery. Applying a small amount of lubrication before the machine is put into operation will help to prevent wear and tear and extend the life of the bushings.


Step 1

Find the nylon bushings; the location will vary with the individual machine. For proper lubrication, either remove the bushings or disassemble the machine so that there is ample room to access the bushings.

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Step 2

Apply general-purpose oil or grease to the general-purpose oil using a small brush or cloth. If the lubrication is available in spray form, simply spray it onto the general-purpose oil. Do not use oil or grease that contains acid — this causes the nylon to swell. Swollen nylon brushings will decrease the amount of clearance and can cause the shaft to seize up.

Step 3

Wipe away any excess lubrication with a cloth and reassemble the machine.