How to Fill a Pool Using Well Water

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Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon bucket

  • Biocide

  • Garden hose

Filling a swimming pool with well water requires testing to ensure your filter can clean the water properly. Well water is rawer than water piped in from a local municipality center. More ions and metals are present in well water, making pumps and filters work harder to clean the water. Once you conduct a basic water test, you can commence filling the pool with well water. Otherwise, you will need to contact a water company and have them truck in water that is cleaner than your well.


Step 1

Fill a 5-gallon bucket with well water and pour in biocide purchased from a local pool supply center. Use in the proportion indicated on the packaging.

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Step 2

Wait five to 10 minutes. If the water turns green or brown, your well water has high ion levels. Using a cartridge filter on your pool will not keep the water clean. You will need a sand filter for the pool.


Step 3

Connect the garden hose to a faucet near the well pump. An outside faucet located on your house will work as well.

Step 4

Place the hose end into the pool. Turn on the water and ensure the hose does not come out of the pool. Small pools with often fill in 24 hours, while larger pools may take up to 48 hours.


You can take a sample of well water to a local pool supply center and have them test the water. This will remove all doubt about the sufficiency of the well water for your pool.


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