Aladdin Kerosene Heater Instructions

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Aladdin portable kerosene heaters radiate heat to an area of approximately 15 by 20 feet. The heaters are designed to operate strictly on kerosene and produce heat for approximately 10 to 14 hours, depending on which model you have. It is essential that the heater be on level ground to function properly. Use the siphon that is included with your Aladdin kerosene heaters to transfer kerosene to the fuel cartridge.


Step 1

Lift the cartridge tank cover, remove the tank and take off the cap. Insert the siphon's straight tube into the kerosene tank and tighten the siphon valve cap (securing the siphon to the top). Place the flexible tube into the fuel cartridge and pump the siphon to transfer kerosene into the cartridge. When the window on the front of the fuel cartridge shows the lower half black and the upper half yellow, the cartridge is properly filled.

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Step 2

Remove the siphon from the tank, wipe off any spilled kerosene and place the cap back on the cartridge tank. Return the cartridge tank to its receptacle on the heater. If the heater is being used for the first time, has just been cleaned or has had the wick changed, wait at least 30 minutes to allow the kerosene to be absorbed into the wick.


Step 3

Press the wick control lever down to the ignite position and release it immediately after the wick ignites. If the heater does not light automatically, you can manually light it by pressing the wick control to the ignite position while simultaneously lifting the chimney burner with one hand and lighting the wick with a match with your other hand. Take care not to drop the match into the heater after you have ignited the wick.


Step 4

Make sure that the burner chimney is seated properly by moving the chimney back and forth while holding the chimney grip/flame adjustment. The chimney will seat into place. Check the burner chimney and make sure that it is seated properly by moving the chimney back and forth from the grip.


Step 5

Adjust the flame by manually turning the chimney grip/flame adjustment. The heater is properly adjusted if the flame appears no more than 1/8-inch over the top of the chimney.

Step 6

Shut off the heater by moving the wick control lever to the "Off" position; the heater should automatically shut down. If it fails to do so, you can manually shut it down by holding the wick control lever in the "Off" position and reducing the grip/flame adjustment to its lowest position.

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