How to Identify a Schebler Carburetor

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The Marvel-Schebler M-Series carburetor is widely used on small aircraft engines.

Marvel-Schebler carburetors have been used in a variety of industrial, tractor, automotive and aviation applications for over a hundred years. Founded in 1902 when George Schebler patented his first carburetor design, the Schebler carburetor played a role in the early days of the automotive industry and was used on early Ford, Stutz, Bugatti and Duesenberg automobiles. In 1905, Schebler carburetor became Wheeler-Schebler, and, in 1928, the corporation changed its name to Marvel-Schebler. Ultimately, Marvel-Schebler was purchased by the Precision Airmotive Corporation in 1990. Due to the age of the Schebler brand and their diverse applications, the variety of Schebler carburetor models is extensive.


Step 1

Find the Schebler carburetor model number. The carburetor model number is located on the outside carburetor body. According to the Carburetor Doctor, the model number is located on a round riveted tag or cast as part of the carburetor body.

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Step 2

Identify the carburetor model. Either on the tag or cast onto the carburetor body, Schebler carburetors have a model number usually followed by a consecutive production, or serial number. Schebler carburetors are identified by a letter model series with a numerical designation, "DLTX-5," "MA-3-A," or "TSX-33," for example. The example "DLTX-5" identifies a Schebler D-Series carburetor, with the other positions indicating a specific model or upgrade within the D-Series.


Step 3

Reference the Schebler model number to determine the application of the carburetor. Referencing the Schebler carburetor requires the model number and if possible, the application of the engine it was installed in. Since Schebler carburetors have been used on many different engine types, searching sites related to the application may be necessary. For example "MA-3-A," when referenced to the Schebler listing found on the Aero Parts site identifies a carburetor used on a variety of aircraft engines, including the Lycoming "0-235-C1," while the "TSX-33," when referenced to the listing on the Lil Industries site, identifies a carburetor used on a variety of Ford tractors, including the 9N and 8N.


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