How to Install a Beveled Wall Mirror

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Things You'll Need

  • Stud finder

  • Carpenter’s level

  • Drill and drill bits

  • Mirror clips

  • Screwdriver

A beveled wall mirror gives a room the illusion of being larger and lighter. This frameless mirror is often heavy, regardless of its size, so it's important to find the studs in the wall or use wall anchors to attach the mirror firmly. Special mirror clips available in a number of styles hold the mirror in place. Because mirrors are heavy, it's a good idea to have a helper assist.


Step 1

Hold the mirror where you plan to hang it. Avoid hanging it near doors or where any objects might accidentally bump against it. Have a helper hold the mirror while you lightly mark the corners with a pencil. Set the mirror aside.

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Step 2

Find the studs in the wall within the area you marked, using a stud finder. Place light marks on the wall to indicate where the studs are.


Step 3

Hold a carpenter's level along the wall at the lowest point where you want the mirror to hang. Mark at least two stud lines on the wall. If the beveled mirror covers more than two studs, add marks on the stud line.

Step 4

Drill a pilot hole into each stud to prepare to attach a mirror clip. Run the screw that comes with the mirror clip though the clip and into the wall. Attach the mirror clip with the cupped receiver area pointing up. Repeat the process for the other stud marks.


Step 5

Set the mirror into the mirror clips with the helper's assistance. Find the stud lines from the earlier step. Mark where you want to install the clips on the top of the mirror. Set the mirror aside.

Step 6

Drill pilot holes in the studs. Attach the mirror clips using the screws. Do not tighten the screws at this point.


Step 7

Place the mirror back into the lower mirror clips. Center the mirror over the clips. Slide the top mirror clips over the top of the mirror. Tighten the top mirror clip screws to hold the mirror in place.


If you find one stud, you can often find the adjacent one by measuring 16 inches to the right or left of the first stud.

Purchase mirror hooks designed to carry the weight of the mirror you are hanging.

Slant the position of the mirror clip as necessary to accommodate the edge of a round or oval mirror.


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