How to Attach a Wood Framing to Concrete Foundation

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Things You'll Need

  • Masonry bit, 5/8 inch in diameter

  • Hammer drill

  • Wire-bristled pipe brush

  • Hot-dip galvanized wedge anchor bolts, 8 1/2 inches long

  • Wood block

  • Hammer

  • Adjustable wrench or ratchet set

Use masonry tools and hardware when attaching a wood frame to concrete.

If you need to attach wood framing to a concrete foundation, use a wedge anchor if j-bolts are not already installed. A wedge anchor is a bolt that is threaded at one end with a washer and an attached nut. On the opposite side of the wedge anchor is a bulbous end, which when tightened will cause the metal sleeve that is wrapped around the shaft to expand inside the hole.


Step 1

Stand the wood frame wall up on the concrete foundation in the spot where it will be anchored.

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Step 2

Insert a masonry bit that is 5/8-inch in diameter and at least 12 inches long into a hammer drill. Inspect the hammer drill's safety features, electrical cord and body casing for any defects that could hinder the proper use of the tool.


Step 3

Drill through the center of the bottom plate between the two studs starting at the very end of the framed wall. Continue drilling into the concrete foundation until the hole is 8 inches deep.

Step 4

Clean the hole out using a wire-bristled pipe brush. Blow any dust or debris out of the hole with compressed air. Insert the bulbous end of the 8 1/2-inch anchor bolt through the drilled hole in the bottom plate and into the concrete foundation.


Step 5

Hold a wood block over the head of the anchor bolt. (The wood is to prevent the bolt's metal threads from damage.) Hit the top of the wood block with a hammer to drive the bolt into the hole until the washer and nut sit flush against the bottom plate of the wood framed wall.

Step 6

Attach an adjustable wrench or a ratchet with correct-sized socket to the nut located at the top of the anchor bolt. Turn the nut in a clockwise direction to cause the anchor sleeve to expand inside the hole.

Step 7

Continue drilling and installing an anchor bolt between each set of studs until you reach the opposite end of the framed wall.


If you're attaching wood framing to the side of a concrete foundation, use wedge anchors that are 4 to 5 inches long and only a 1/2 inch in diameter. You'll also need to use a masonry bit that is a 1/2 inch in diameter and 8 inches long.


When using power tools to drill into concrete, wear safety glasses, a dust mask and hearing protection.


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