How to Attach a Mirror to a Hollow Core Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Mirror

  • Pencil

  • Tape measure

  • Drill

  • Hollow core door anchors

  • Clips

  • Mirror mastic

  • Caulk gun

A mirror is almost a necessity when you're getting ready to go out.

Your bedroom should have a mirror that's long enough for you to check out how you look before you go to work in the morning or out for dinner in the evening. Usually the best place to attach a mirror is on the back of your bedroom door. This is fine if the door is solid wood, but in most homes the doors are hollow. You can still mount your mirror safely. You simply have to use the right equipment and method. This is a project that can easily be done in an hour or so.


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Step 1

Measure the mirror, and mark the location of the mirror on the door. Draw a few short pencil lines as guides.

Step 2

Measure the thickness of the door. Wrap painter's tape around your drill bit 3/4 the thickness of your door.


Step 3

Mark the locations of your mirror clips along the bottom of the mirror location. Drill holes into the door, stopping at the edge of the tape. Insert your hollow door anchors. Screw in the bottom two mirror clips. Temporarily rest the mirror on the clips, and mark the locations of all your other screw holes for your clips.


Step 4

Remove the mirror. Drill the remaining holes, and attach the side clips. Apply blobs of mirror mastic to the back of the mirror every 12 inches. Place your mirror in the clips. You should be able to turn the side clips up to position the mirror, and then turn the clips in. Attach your last two top clips, and make sure all clips are tightened.


You can also use a J-track along the bottom edge for the mirror to sit in. This provides additional security.



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