How Long Does it Take for a Concrete Floor Primer to Dry Before You Can Put Down Vinyl Tile?

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat paintbrush

  • Paint roller

Prepare a concrete floor surface carefully before applying vinyl tile.

Applying vinyl tile over concrete can add beauty and warm decor to a utilitarian concrete surface. Because concrete is porous, you must first prepare the surface by sealing it. Use a primer designed for sealing concrete surfaces to ensure proper surface sealing beneath the vinyl tiles. After applying the concrete floor primer, allow it to dry completely before you put down the vinyl tiles to ensure adequate adhesion of the tiles.


Step 1

Apply primer evenly to the concrete floor, using a flat paintbrush to paint the edges of the floor and a paint roller to paint the center areas. Keep the primer application thin and even over the entire surface of the concrete.

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Step 2

Allow the first primer coat to dry for approximately one hour.


Step 3

Apply a second coat of primer after the first coat dries completely.

Step 4

Allow the second coat of primer to dry for approximately three hours.

Step 5

Check the primer coat to make sure it has cured. Lightly scratch the surface of the primer with your fingernail. If you do not see any indication or mark from the scratch, the primer has cured sufficiently and you can proceed with the vinyl tile application. Wait until the primer passes the scratch test before applying the vinyl tile.


Follow specific curing instructions on the primer label to ensure you allow ample curing time.



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