How to Repair a Dirt Gravel Driveway That Washed Out

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Things You'll Need

  • Tractor with box grader

  • Shovels

  • Rake

Gravel driveways are prone to washouts during heavy rains or consistent rains that cause flooding. Since gravel pellets are small, water can pick them up and carry them away. In most cases, the water carries the gravel down the driveway surface in channels, picking up gravel as it gains strength and water volume. Restoring a gravel driveway requires heavy tools or machinery and lots of work, but with the right know-how, anyone can get the job done.


Step 1

Start at one end of the gravel driveway with the back of the box grader near the end of the driveway. If necessary, back the tractor up to the far end of the driveway with the front of the tractor pointing down the length of the drive.

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Step 2

Lower the box grader to the ground by pressing the lowering switch. If you have never used a box grader before or are renting one, consult the owner's manual for proper operation of the equipment.

Step 3

Place your tractor into the lowest gear and begin to move forward slowly. The box grader will lift and sift the gravel and dirt as you move, restoring it to like-new condition. Run the grader over the washed-out areas, forming a smooth surface as you work.

Step 4

Continue this operation up and down the length of the driveway until it is restored to its normal condition.


Step 5

Shovel any excess gravel away from the driveway. Rake the surface to smooth out seams and complete the restoration process once the bulk of the work is completed with the grader.


This operation is intended for those with experience operating a tractor. Never operate heavy machinery if you are not experienced in its operation. Ask for assistance, and consult the proper documentation before you attempt to operate a box grader and tractor.


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