The Best Way to Clean a Grapevine Wreath

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Design your grapevine wreath to fit your specific tastes.

Used for years to make a variety of decorations, grapevines provide a beautiful and rustic décor to any home. Grapevines -- named after the fruit that grows on them -- are a popular choice for wreaths. Over time, dust, dirt and other air impurities begin to collect on the grapevine wreath. These items will make your wreath look old and dingy. Fortunately, with a thorough cleaning once or twice a month, you can keep your grapevine wreath looking its best for years to come.


Step 1

Remove the grapevine wreath from the wall and -- on a warm, sunny day -- take the wreath outside.

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Step 2

Plug a hairdryer into the closest electrical outlet. Set the hairdryer on a low setting and turn to the "On" position. The air from the hairdryer will safely remove dust and dirt from the grapevine wreath as well as any other embellishments present.


Step 3

Start at the top of the grapevine weather and hold the hairdryer 10 inches above the wreath.

Step 4

Move the hairdryer in a steady back-and-forth motion while working your way downward. Continue in this manner until you have removed all traces of the dust and dirt. Alternatively, a can of compressed air will also remove dust from the wreath.

Step 5

Repeat the process as often as needed.


You can change the look of your wreath to match holidays, occasions and decor by simply replacing the embellishments with new ones to fit your needs.


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