How to Put a Safety Handle on Cultured Marble

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A safety handle is a useful feature for a bathtub or shower. The handles provide a place to hold onto during a bath or shower to prevent slipping and to make it easier to climb in and out of the bath. Cultured marble is a composite mix of marble powder and resin. Many bathtub and shower inserts are made from cultured marble. Installing a safety handle to cultured marble is a simple project that will greatly increase the safety of the bathroom.


Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Stainless Steel Pan Head Screws

  • Stud Finder

  • Power Screwdriver

  • Grease Pencil

  • Glass And Tile Bit

  • Masking Tape

  • 1/8-Inch Drill Bit

  • Waterproof Caulk

  • Nail

  • Drill

Step 1

Locate the studs around the bathtub or shower using a stud finder. Mark the stud placement on the wall with a pencil. Determine which stud aligns with the best place to install the safety handle. Make the mark at this stud larger than the others for easy identification.

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Step 2

Locate the center of the studs where the handle will be installed by poking around the area with a nail. When the nail is easy to push through the wall, the stud is no longer there. Mark both sides of the stud with a pencil. You will probably have to mark two studs if the handle is large.


Step 3

Tape the outline of the stud onto the marble itself below the pencil marks so you can easily identify the edges of the stud all the way down the wall. Use a ruler to keep the tape straight.

Step 4

Place the safety handle in position along the walls on the marble, between the taped edges of the studs. Mark the placement of the screw holes with a grease pencil. Make sure the marks are as close to the center of the studs as possible.


Step 5

Drill through the marks with the glass and tile bit. Brush away excess dust.

Step 6

Apply a line of caulk to the base of the handle where it will attach to the wall. Place the handle in place over the drilled holes. Screw the handle into place using a power screwdriver and stainless steel pan head screws. Allow the caulk to dry for 24 hours before using the shower or bath.