How to Adjust a Tecumseh 6Hp to Go Faster

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket set and ratchet

  • Air filter

A 6-horsepower Tecumseh engine powers many machines, including mowers, generators and small go-karts. When you want your Tecumseh 6Hp engine to run faster there are several things you can do to increase its speed. Check the muffler, which sometimes can shake loose, decrease the backpressure of the engine and slow it down. Also, replacing a dirty air filter can help boost the engine's power. A dramatic step is to move the most speed- limiting part of the engine, the governor.


Step 1

Unscrew the air filter cover from the side of the engine with a socket. Pull the cover off and replace the old air filter. Replace the cover and tighten it back into place.

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Step 2

Shake the muffler to ensure that it is tightly fastened to the engine block. If it is loose, use a socket to tighten the two bolts that hold the muffler onto the engine block.

Step 3

Remove the top cover of the engine from the the engine block to expose the governor, which is bolted next to the flywheel. Unscrew all the bolts around the perimeter of the cover with the correct sockets.

Step 4

Locate the plastic flap next to the flywheel. This flap is the governor and will have a linkage spring running from the end of it to the throttle eyelet on the top of the carburetor.


Step 5

Unscrew the bolt holding the governor next to the flywheel with the correct socket. Unhook the throttle spring from the eyelet atop the carburetor. Remove the governor from the engine.

Step 6

Replace the engine cover and tighten it back on.


Removing the governor can be risky. It will shorten the life of the engine and will void its warranty.


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