How to Remove a Kohler Revival Handle

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Things You'll Need

  • Masking tape

  • Slip-joint pliers

The Kohler Revival series of faucets brings back an elegant old-time look to your bathroom décor. This series of faucets uses a ceramic disc cartridge to control water flow. Like other faucets, when the cartridge becomes clogged or faulty, it is necessary to remove the handles to access the cartridge. Unlike other faucets, removing a Kohler Revival handle does not involve a set screw. The handle sits on top of a housing that threads into the faucet body.


Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the Kohler Revival faucet you are repairing. There is a shut-off valve on the hot water and cold water lines under the sink. Turn the valve handles completely clockwise to turn off the water.

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Step 2

Turn on the faucet handles to allow drainage of the remaining water in the line. Turn off the faucet handles.

Step 3

Hold the handle with one hand and rotate the bell housing counterclockwise with your free hand. The bell housing is the decorative housing between the handle and the base of the faucet.

Step 4

Place masking tape around the bell housing if it will not turn by hand. Hold the handle and turn the bell housing with a pair of slip-joint pliers. The tape protects the bell housing finish.


Step 5

Lift the handle and the bell housing away from the faucet base. There is an O-ring on the inside edge of the housing. Ensure that you do not lose the O-ring, as it is necessary when reinstalling the handle.


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