How to Treat Tree Roots Under a Vinyl Pool Liner

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Axe

  • Pruning saw

  • Root saw

  • Grub hoe

  • Stump remover chemical

  • Stump grinder

Remove tree roots before installing your pool.

Pool manufacturers do not recommend placing your vinyl-lined pool over tree roots since the roots may puncture or grow into it. Treating the tree roots involves cutting them away with the option to chemically treat them first. Most often root removal also means you have to remove the stump connected to the roots. If you wish to keep the tree healthy and growing, move the pool if it is located above tree roots. Besides, even if you cut away the roots on a growing tree, they will likely grow back. Instead, remove roots under your vinyl pool only if the tree is dead, removed or you wish to remove it.


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Step 1

Dig up the soil around the stump with a shovel, if it's not yet removed, to expose its roots.

Step 2

Slice through the roots with an axe until all are severed. Cut tough roots with a root saw or pruning saw.


Step 3

Pull the roots out of the ground by hand. Dislodge bigger roots with a grub hoe.

Step 4

Apply a stump remover chemical to the stump to kill the stump and roots, if you have time. These products are applied by drilling holes in the stump and filling the holes with the chemical. After about four to six weeks the stump will start to decompose. Break apart the rotten stump and roots with an axe to dispose of it.


Step 5

Rent a stump grinder, a machine with spinning teeth, to remove the roots. Rent the machine from a home improvement rental facility. The facility will provide detailed instructions on how to use the grinder on your roots. Contact a tree professional to perform the service for you, if you don't feel comfortable running the machine.