How to Remove a Delta Tub Drain Stopper

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

If the bathtub slowly loses water, a damaged drain stopper may be the problem.

Delta manufactures a number of pop-up drain assemblies, but the basic design of each assembly is the same. Attached to the back of the assembly's cover plate is a linkage. Attached to the bottom of the linkage is a cylindrical-shaped drain stopper. When the trip lever is engaged, the tub fills with water because the stopper has closed off the drain pipe. It is for this reason that a broken stopper will cause the tub to slowly lose water. Replacement Delta stoppers are available, but the existing stopper must first be removed.


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Step 1

Actuate the pop-up drain's trip lever to lift the stopper out of the drain pipe.

Step 2

Remove the screws that secure the cover plate assembly to the bathtub's wall, using the screwdriver.


Step 3

Pull the cover plate assembly out of the tub. The linkage and drain stopper will slide out of the opening as the plate is removed.

Step 4

Pull the pin securing the stopper to the end of the linkage out of the stopper with pliers. This will release the drain stopper.