How to Clean Steel Mesh Home Screens

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum, with brush attachment

  • Garden hose

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Soft-bristled brush

  • Cloth

Steel mesh screens on your home's doors and windows allow fresh air and sunlight into your home while keeping out insects or other small intruders. Screens can build up dirt and dust over time, and when the door or window is open, the particles can blow into your home. Extremely dirty steel screens can limit air flow if the mesh is clogged with debris. Clean your steel mesh screens at least once a year to keep them working efficiently and looking their best.


Step 1

Remove the screens from the windows or doors, and place them onto a clean, flat surface.

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Step 2

Vacuum both sides of the screen with a brush attachment. Run the brush along the screen from the top down and side to side. This can remove dry or loose dust and debris.

Step 3

Take the screens outside and lay them onto a clean, flat surface.

Step 4

Spray the screens with a garden hose to loosen tough dirt and debris.

Step 5

Spray the screens with an all-purpose cleaner and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Scrub the screens lightly with a soft-bristled brush to remove and dirt. Wipe any dirt from the frames with a cloth.


Step 6

Rinse the screens thoroughly with the garden hose to remove any cleaning residue.

Step 7

Shake off any excess moisture from the screens and lean them against a wall to air dry completely before reinstalling.


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