How to Resurface a Gravel Driveway

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure or laser-measuring device

  • Rake

  • Weedkiller spray

  • Shovel

Resurface gravel driveways when they begin to look worn.

Gravel is a relatively inexpensive driveway surfacing option. One of the disadvantages of gravel is that it tends to shift over time, particularly if the driveway is heavily used. This can give the driveway a worn and weedy look. Raking the gravel will help to prevent this, but at some point you will need to add fresh gravel to the driveway.


Step 1

Choose new gravel for the driveway. Consider using recycled asphalt product, which is a mix of crushed asphalt, crushed brick and crushed concrete. RAP is hard-wearing, weather-resistant and drainage friendly. Alternatively, use river bank gravel for a traditional look.

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Step 2

Calculate how much gravel you will need to resurface the driveway. Measure the driveway with a retractable tape measure or a laser measuring device. Multiply the width of the driveway with the length to get the correct area for the driveway in square feet. The depth of gravel required depends on the condition of the current driveway, but allow for at least 2 inches. To calculate the quantity of gravel required in cubic feet, divide the required gravel depth by 12 to translate this into feet. Multiply this figure by the area to get the required volume of gravel in cubic feet. For example, to calculate the volume of gravel needed to resurface a driveway that's 15 feet long and 6 feet wide to a depth of 3 inches, first multiply 15 by 6 to get the total area of 90 square feet. Divide 3 inches by 12 to get 0.25. Multiply 90 by 0.25 to get 22.5 cubic feet of gravel.


Step 3

Rake the existing gravel to form an even, level surface across the drive. Treat any weeds or moss by spraying them with weedkiller.

Step 4

Order the gravel from a building-supply merchant or a larger hardware store. The supplier will deliver the gravel in large rubble sacks. Ask the supplier to position the sacks at intervals along the driveway. Alternatively, ask the supplier to spread the gravel for you. Some will do this at no additional charge.


Step 5

Shovel the gravel out of each sack, and place it in small piles along the driveway. This will help to ensure even coverage and gravel depth.

Step 6

Spread the gravel from each pile with the shovel. Distribute the gravel as evenly as possible and be careful to push the gravel into tight corners and up against driveway curbs, borders and edges. Use the rake to even out the gravel.


Wear a dust mask while spreading gravel to prevent breathing dust.


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