How to Clean Blood on Curtains

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Things You'll Need

  • Butter knife

  • 3 non-dyed rags

  • 1 tsp. clear liquid laundry detergent

  • 1 tsp. clear household ammonia

  • Bowl

  • Clean, non-dyed towel

Blood quickly dries and appears as a crusty stain on curtains.

Curtains filter sunlight, complement home décor and provide privacy. Blood stains, however, can instantly mar a curtain's aesthetic appeal. The proteins in blood bond to fabric and become harder to remove over time. Inadequately treated blood marks can become permanent stains on curtains. Fortunately, you can clean blood stains on curtains using certain techniques.


Step 1

Scrape off any dried blood from the curtain using a butter knife. Disregard this step if the stain is fresh.

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Step 2

Saturate a non-dyed rag with cold water. Blot the wet rag onto the stained portion of the curtain to wash out as much blood as possible. Repeatedly rinse the rag in fresh cold water to prevent transferring blood onto the curtain.


Step 3

Examine the curtain for remaining blood. If the stain lingers, create a solution of 1 cup cold water, 1 tsp. clear liquid laundry detergent and 1 tsp. clear household ammonia in a bowl. Thoroughly combine the ingredients.

Step 4

Moisten a second clean, non-dyed rag in the solution. Blot the affected fabric with the rag until the blood is completely eliminated. Remember to frequently rinse the rag as you blot the stain.


Step 5

Dampen a third clean, non-dyed rag with cold water. Press the rag onto the affected fabric to rinse out the previous solution.

Step 6

Blot the curtain with a clean, non-dyed towel until dry.


Apply a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide to stubborn blood stains. Test the hydrogen peroxide on a hidden portion of the curtain first.


Hot water cooks blood onto fabric and makes blood stains permanent.

Test the solution of detergent and ammonia first on a hidden area of the curtain to prevent discoloration.


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