Setting Instructions for the Scotts 2000 Lawn Drop Spreader

A wrench is all you might need to set your Scotts spreader.
A wrench is all you might need to set your Scotts spreader. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Lawn spreaders fall in two major groups: broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. Broadcast spreaders look like small barrels sitting on wheels. Their rotating mechanism is designed to project seeds or granular fertilizer to the sides, covering a large area in one step. Drop spreaders such as the Scotts AccuGreen 2000 resemble troughs on wheels. They drop the seeds or fertilizer only on the ground directly under them. Packages of feed and seed tell you what setting to use for different types of spreaders. The right setting keeps your spreader from over or under applying the product.

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Locate the spreader’s micrometer, the device that lets you adjust the machine’s setting. It’s a small barrel with a view window in the center of the handle.

Find the shutoff bar under the hopper, the spreader’s container for holding the product you’ll be broadcasting. The bar extends from one wheel to the other and it moves when you pull the trigger control, releasing what’s inside the hopper. Let go of the trigger control and the bar returns to its original position, closing the hopper’s opening.

Look for the calibration line etched on the bottom of the hopper. In addition, become familiar with the location of the spreader’s calibration screw. It’s a black piece positioned at the lower end of the control wire, which runs from the center of the handle through the micrometer and connects to the shutoff bar.

Turn the micrometer rate-setting barrel with your fingers until the number 6 is visible through the window. Squeeze the trigger control against the spreader’s handle. Look at the shutoff bar and verify that its front edge is in alignment with the calibration line. If it isn’t, calibrate the spreader by turning the calibration screw with a wrench until there’s alignment.

Read the label on the fertilizer or seed packaging to find out what setting it recommends for your Scotts drop spreader. For example, it you're starting a new ryegrass lawn the suggested setting is 17.

Turn the micrometer rate-setting barrel until the number 17 appears on the display window. Fill the hopper with the product. Start walking. Pull the trigger control towards the handle and hold it in position to broadcast the material. Release the trigger control before you stop moving the spreader to avoid dropping a pile of the fertilizer or seeds on one place.


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