How to Dress Up Vertical Blinds

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Things You'll Need

  • Curtain rods

  • Curtains

  • Contact Paper

  • Ribbons

  • Paint

  • Fabric

  • Spray glue

Spruce up your blinds and make your home gorgeous.

Window blinds are probably in every room of your home. They're great at keeping the sunlight out, as well as giving you privacy, but sometimes they can look a little boring. Dressing up your window blinds can involve giving your windows pretty decorations or even sprucing up the blinds themselves, depending on your preference. Having beautiful, original window blinds can really make your home a showplace, as well as bring an entire room together with just a tiny bit of work.


Step 1

Put a new curtain rod over the blinds. Look for something with dramatic edges that draws the eye up and away from the blinds themselves. Many curtain rods have metallic ends with designs or even plastic ends that bring color and patterns into your room. It's easy to hang a rod over your blinds and gives your room a fresh look.


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Step 2

Put new curtains up over the blinds. Look for something that isn't plain -- the trick is to make the blinds look better, which will be more effective if the curtains are fancy or eye-catching. Don't use curtains that look out of place with the rest of the room. Try to have one of the colors in the curtains you choose match the main color of the room or function as an accent color.


Step 3

Remove blinds from the apparatus and cover them with contact paper. Make sure the application is smooth and free of lumps. Install all blinds back in the apparatus with the pattern facing the same direction for continuity.

Step 4

Cut strips of fabric the same length and width as each individual blind, leaving a bit of room for overhang. Apply spray glue to the blind, then press the fabric down over it so it bonds quickly to the plastic. Cut off the overhang once the glue is dry. Put the blinds back in the apparatus.


Step 5

Glue a piece of ribbon -- or several pieces of ribbon -- to the hanging pulley of the blinds. Once it dries, you should be able to use the ribbon with the hanging strings as a pulley.



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