How to Recycle Aluminum Step Ladders

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Aluminum step ladders bring cash at a scrap yard.

Take your aluminum step ladders to a scrap metal yard and get paid cash for them. Aluminum is a valuable recyclable material that can be reused indefinitely. The atomic structure of aluminum does not change during the melting process. This means that the metal is not consumed so the recycling process requires less energy than the production process. Consequently, recycling aluminum is more productive and cost efficient than producing it. Some cities provide curbside recycling services or you can drop aluminum step ladders off at recycling centers. Recycling aluminum is a smart choice no matter how you do it.


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Step 1

Put the ladder in your recycling bin if it fits and your city has a curbside service recycling program. Call the local sanitation department to find out what your city's specific instructions are regarding aluminum recyclables.

Step 2

Take aluminum step ladders to a community recycling drop-off center during business hours. Place the ladders in the appropriate bins. Call Earth 911 at 800-253-2687 or go to the website and enter your zip code to locate a drop-off center near you.


Step 3

Sell aluminum step ladders to a scrap metal facility. Look in the yellow pages of the phone book to locate scrap metal yards near your area. Some scrap metal dealers will not buy aluminum ladders containing excessive amounts of rust or that have a strong magnetic pull. Check with the scrap metal facility to find out what their specific requirements are.

Step 4

Donate aluminum step ladders to charity organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army or Goodwill.



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