How to Change a Vessel Sink

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Things You'll Need

  • Pipe wrench

  • Caulk

  • Level

A vessel sink is a glass bowl that rests on top of a vanity countertop. The bowl secures to the vanity countertop with the use of a threaded drain, and the process for replacing a broken one is similar to the process you took when you originally installed it. Vessel sinks are popular in bathrooms and provide a look all their own when compared with standard sinks that rest deep in the countertop.


Step 1

Loosen the plastic compression nut that holds the metal drain inside the plastic sewer drain. Use a pipe wrench to loosen the nut if you cannot do it by hand.

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Step 2

Loosen the lock nut located directly under the countertop. It threads onto the front coming from the sink vessel. Have a second person hold the drain from above to keep it from spinning while you loosen the sink. Use the pipe wrench to loosen the lock nut.

Step 3

Remove the rubber gasket from the underside of the countertop if it does not come off when you remove the lock nut.

Step 4

Pull the drain out of the vessel and remove the vessel from the countertop.


Step 5

Clean all of the silicone from the drain or use a new drain when installing the new vessel.

Step 6

Place the new vessel onto the countertop, place a bead of caulk on the underside of the drain lip and insert the drain through the vessel and into the countertop. Make sure the drain goes into the sewer drainpipe.


Step 7

Place a level across the top of the vessel and position the vessel so it is level.

Step 8

Place the gasket onto the threaded portion of the drain and press it against the bottom of the countertop. Thread the lock nut in place. Have the second person hold the drain so it will not turn as you tighten the drain with the pipe wrench.


Step 9

Tighten the compression nut on the sewer drainpipe with your hand. Give the nut a quarter turn with the pipe wrench.

Step 10

Remove any excess caulk that squeezed into the vessel when you tightened the drain.


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