How to Switch from Chlorine to Salt Water in an In-ground Pool

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Saltwater pools use common salt rather than chlorine or other chemicals to facilitate water cleanliness. These pools are safer for swimmers, good for the environment and less expensive to maintain, all due to the lack of chemicals used in the water. Saltwater pools require special generators that use electrolysis to convert salt in the water into chlorine which keeps the pool sanitary. Traditional chemically treated pools may be transformed into saltwater pools when the proper equipment is installed.


Saltwater pools are a chemical-free alternative to classic swimming pools.

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Things You'll Need

  • Saltwater Chlorine Generator

  • Salt

  • Fresh Water

  • Pool Testing Kits

Step 1

Check the pump and filter on your current pool and ensure that the equipment is compatible with saltwater. Check the owner's manual for your equipment, ask a pool care specialist or call the manufacturer of your equipment to make sure the equipment is compatible.


Step 2

Select a saltwater chlorine generator for your pool. Choose one with easy-to-use and weatherproof controls, from a reputable brand that you trust, and one that produces enough chlorine for your particular swimming pool. Ask a pool specialist for recommendations for your specific pool's requirements to ensure that you choose the system best-suited for your pool.

Step 3

Drain your swimming pool of all the current, chemically treated water as this water is unnecessary and could damage the new system. Refill the swimming pool with fresh, untreated water.


Step 4

Wire your new saltwater chlorine generator, or have it wired, to the electrical source that your pump is wired to. That way the generator automatically turns on when the pump is powered on.

Step 5

Add the salt to your water. Common salt works well in salt pools; however, pool-grade salt is recommended for optimum performance of your saltwater system. Pool care specialists can suggest accurate quantities of salt as well as types of salt to use for your particular pool and system.

Step 6

Test your water's pH and chlorine levels each week with testing kits available at your local pool supply store. Adjust the levels accordingly by using the control panel on your saltwater chlorine generator. A pool care specialist can test your water and offer advice on maintaining proper levels until you get the hang of using your new system.