Create Cute Dinner Plates for Kids with These Sweet Drawings

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Surprise your kids with custom, hand-drawn dinner plates. Use your imagination to create a design that your kids will love. Veggies never looked this good!

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes

Things You'll Need

  • Ceramic plate

  • Ceramic food-safe marker

  • Cookie sheet

  • Oven

  • Paper and pen

Step 1: Sketch Your Idea on Paper First

Think a bit about what type of cute scene you'd like to create on your plate. Keep your skill level with drawing in mind. Simple shapes, such as boxes, rectangles and circles, are pretty easy to draw. If you are a novice in the drawing department, try to base your drawing off of those shapes.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes


If you need more inspiration for your sketch, search online for clipart.

Step 2: Start With the Prominent Feature

Time to move on to the ceramic plate. What's the most important part of your sketch? If you said, "the head," like in the example shown, then you want to start drawing on the plate with that area.

Don't be afraid to keep it simple, especially in these first steps.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes

Step 3: Continue the Drawing

Continue your drawing until you have filled in the area that you want to fill in.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes

Step 4: Add Details

Have fun adding details to your drawing. You can create certain details with the food that you will be serving on the plate, but it's quite fun to get a little creative with marker details as well.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes

Step 5: Bake the Plate

Follow the instructions on your specific ceramic marker to make your plate food/dishwasher safe. As a general rule, always place the ceramic plate on a cookie sheet in the oven before you turn the oven on. Let the plate heat up with the oven and then bake according to the instructions. Once the bake time is finished, let the plate cool down in the oven until it's at room temperature. This will ensure that you don't crack your plate.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes

Step 6: Decorate with Food

Now that your plate is food safe, feel free to decorate it with different kinds of food. Mini pepperonis and cheese chunks work great for a snack plate. Think outside the box here and have fun. I'm sure your kids will love whatever you place on it.

Image Credit: Ashley Mayes
Image Credit: Ashley Mayes