How to Remove Pool Chlorine From Clothes

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Chlorine makes pools safer for humans, but it's tough on clothes.

Pool chlorine can fade clothing, weaken the fabric and turn articles green if not cleaned properly. Swimsuits and other clothing that come into contact with pool chlorine need to be cleaned before the bleach in the chlorine ruins the fabric. The sooner you can get your clothes into a washing machine the better off your clothes will be. A non-bleach detergent will work out the chlorine during the agitation process of the wash cycle, but you should always rinse off immediately after exiting the chlorinated pool.


Step 1

Rinse the piece of clothing under cold water immediately after contact with pool chlorine.

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Step 2

Open the lid of a washing machine and turn on the cold water. Add as much non-bleach detergent as recommended by the detergent manufacturer and mix it into the water with your hand.

Step 3

Put the clothing in the washing machine and close the lid. Wait for the wash and rinse cycle to end.

Step 4

Remove the clothing from the washing machine, wring out excess water and hang to dry.


You can also hand wash swimwear with a swimsuit cleaner or mild liquid soap to remove pool chlorine.

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