How to Loosen Stuck Brass Bolts

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Things You'll Need

  • Penetrating catalyst

  • Wrench

  • Thin cloth rag

There are many reasons that a bolt can become stuck. Brass bolts that are stuck can be different to loosen than bolts made from steel. Brass is a softer metal than steel, so wrenching on a brass bolt too vigorously can damage the bolt. Stuck brass bolts are loosened by following a straightforward procedure and using the right materials to complete the job correctly. Even a novice can accomplish this task in less than half an hour.


Step 1

Spray as much of the bolt as you can with a penetrating catalyst. The catalyst will soak into the threads and help loosen the bolt. Let the catalyst soak in for 20 minutes.

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Step 2

Place a thin cloth rag over the head of the bolt. The rag will prevent direct contact of the bolt with the wrench. This will reduce the chances of the bolt becoming damaged.


Step 3

Use a wrench that is sized to the bolt head. If the wrench is too big, it can lead to the wrench slipping and causing damage to the bolt.

Step 4

Place the wrench over the bolt-head that is covered with the rag and turn it counterclockwise. Apply firm, even pressure to the wrench to break the bolt free. Spray additional penetrating catalyst on the bolt as you work the wrench on the bolt. The bolt will begin to loosen to the point that you can remove it by hand.


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