How to Loosen Up a Loctite Composite

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Things You'll Need

  • Electric impact wrench

  • Handheld torch (such as a soldering torch)

  • Socket wrench

  • Electric soldering iron

Loctite is a manufacturer of a wide line of adhesive products. One of their more commonly known adhesives is their Threadlocker composite. The composite is applied to the threads of a bolt or screw prior to installation. The Loctite Threadlocker forms a tight seal between the threads of the bolt or screw and the material threads. Once the Loctite cures, the bolt or screw has less chance of working loose over time. Unfortunately, when you need to remove the same bolt or screw, the Loctite makes it difficult. It is possible to loosen Loctite composite from the threads with some help from heat.


Step 1

Attempt to turn the bolt with an electric impact wrench with an appropriate-sized socket. The force of the impact wrench is usually enough to loosen the blue and red Loctite thread composite.

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Step 2

Apply heat to the top of the bolt with a handheld torch. Heat the top of the bolt for two minutes, but do not allow the bolt to become red hot.


Step 3

Remove the heat from the bolt, and turn the bolt counterclockwise with a socket wrench or impact wrench. The Loctite will soften enough from the heat to enable you to loosen the bolt for removal.

Step 4

Heat the top of smaller screws and bolts with a heat gun or soldering iron. Once the head of the bolt is hot, remove it with the appropriate tool.


Most other types of Loctite adhesives such as their RTV gasket and construction adhesive require scraping with a blade to remove it from the surface of your work.


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