How to Remove a Stuck Lawn Mower Blade

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Things You'll Need

  • WD-40

  • Thick workman's gloves

  • Wrench

  • Block of wood

It is a fact of life that a lawn must be mowed. Some people find mowing the lawn to be quite rewarding, while others find it to be a chore. From time to time you will get dirt and chunks of grass stuck to the lawn mower's blades. This and prolonged use causes your blades to become dull. To sharpen your blades, you must remove them from the lawn mower. Thankfully, this can be done with little effort.


Step 1

Turn your lawn mower onto its side. You can turn the entire mower over if you find it easier to work on it.

Step 2

Spray your WD-40 onto the nut that holds your lawn mower blade to the actual lawn mower. You will find the nut in the dead center of the blade. Allow the WD-40 to work for at least an hour.

Step 3

Place your block of wood between the blade and the lawnmower. This will help to keep the blade in place when you are removing the nut.


Step 4

Put on your gloves and using your wrench loosen the nut by turning your wrench counter-clockwise. Set aside the nut after you have removed it.

Step 5

Remove the blade by pulling it toward you.


It may take several applications of WD-40 to make the nut loosen.


If you do not hold the lawn mower blade in place with a piece of wood, the blade could move while you are removing the nut, causing injury.