How to Remove Dye Stains From Tubs or Sinks

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish sponge, scrubber and brush

  • Liquid bleach

  • Powdered bathroom cleaner

  • Cream of tartar

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Tub and sink stains may be tough to remove, but a few handy cleaning techniques and chemicals makes the task much easier.

The best way to keep a tub or sink stain free is to clean the stain immediately after a spill. Most chemicals do not leave a mark if you can clean them in time. Unfortunately, some common household products, like hair dye, are notorious for staining bathroom ceramic. Many of these stains go unnoticed, which allows them time to leave a distinct splotch on a bathtub or sink. To remove a stain that has already set, you must prepare yourself for some tough scrubbing and trial and error. Dye stains often require lots of work and multiple cleaning chemicals to remove completely.


Step 1

Turn on the sink or tub faucet and let it run until the water is warm, but not too hot in which to hold your hand. Fill it up until the stain is completely submerged, then turn it off and let it sit. If you cannot soak the stain this way, simply spray warm water directly on it instead.

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Step 2

Open the drain after soaking the stain for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub it firmly with a sponge or dish scrubber for several minutes. Try a bristled cleaning brush if the sponge does not work. Watch the stain to see if it diminishes at all; continue scrubbing this way if it does.


Step 3

Pour or spray liquid bleach over the stain and leave it for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to get it on tile floors, shower curtains or rugs. Scrub and brush the stain like before and observe the stain as you work. If it begins to fade at all, then continue this procedure until it is clean.


Step 4

Apply a powdered cleaning solution or bleach product to the stained section of your sink or tub. An industrial cleaning chemical may be more effective than liquid bleach. Follow the instructions carefully and take note of any dangerous interactions it has with other cleaning chemicals. Use the hardiest cleaning products possible to try to remove the stain.


Step 5

Concoct a household cleaning solution by mixing cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide. According to Reader's Digest, this simple solution is adept at removing tough stains from ceramic surfaces. Combine the two chemicals in a dish until they congeal into a thick paste. Spread the paste over the stain and let it dry; peel away the tartar solution after it has hardened.


Wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from harsh cleaning chemicals.


Trying various types of cleaner is the only way to see if you can get the stain out yourself. However, you must rinse the stain between each cleaning to avoid mixing chemicals that can interact with one another to produce toxic fumes.



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