How to Safely Remove Paint From Slate

Slate is a beautiful, gray natural stone. It is often painted to look like marble or other, more expensive, stone, or sometimes during a painting project, flecks of paint become adhered to its surface. Whether you are dealing with small spots or layers of paint on slate, you'll find it easy to remove. The chemicals required may etch the surface of the slate. If so, a coating of stone polish will quickly bring back its shine.

Things You'll Need

  • Lacquer thinner

  • Razor blade

  • Razor blade holder

  • Heavy duty liquid stripper

  • Paper towel

  • Water

  • Rag

  • Plastic or wood scraper

  • Paint roller

  • Paint brush

Remove Paint Spatter from Slate

Step 1

Pour lacquer thinner onto the paint splatter to saturate it.

Step 2

Leave the lacquer thinner on the paint spatter for five minutes.

Step 3

Scrape the paint up with a razor blade placed in a razor blade holder. Hold the razor blade as close to parallel to the slate as possible when you scrape to avoid scratching the surface. The area should be moist when you scrape. Re-apply the lacquer thinner if necessary.

Step 4

Wipe the moisture up from the area with a paper towel.

Step 5

Rinse the area with clean water and towel dry.

Remove Paint Layers from Slate

Step 1

Paint the paint stripper onto the slate's surface with a paint roller and paint brush.

Step 2

Leave the paint stripper in place for the manufacturer-recommended amount of time, usually 15 to 30 minutes. When the paint bubbles and loosens, it is ready to scrape.

Step 3

Remove the paint stripper and gooey paint with a wooden or plastic scraper. Wipe away any residual paint with a rag moistened with the cleaner.

Step 4

Rinse the area twice with clean water to rinse away any traces of the stripper.

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