How to Caulk Laminate Flooring Gaps

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum with hose attachment

  • Washcloth

  • Indoor caulk (same color as the floor)

  • Caulk gun

  • Utility knife

  • Long nail

When laying laminate flooring, it's not unusual to end up with gaps around the edges of the floor, below the wall trim. The floor isn't always going to be perfectly flat, so the joint where it meets the trim may have some variation to it in places where the floor level has dropped. This variation can make the floor look unfinished around the edges. Fixing it is a simple matter of filling that line with caulk, which seals off the gap and provides a visual border for the floor.


Step 1

Clean out the line between the flooring and the wall trim with your vacuum and hose. Wipe off any residual dust from the area with a damp washcloth.

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Step 2

Load your caulk gun with a caulk tube. Make a 45-degree cut in the end of the tube, so the hole is approximately ¼ inch across. Push a long nail into the hole to break the seal.


Step 3

Squeeze the caulk gun trigger and bring the caulk to the tip of the tube. Set the tip to one end of the gap, holding it at a diagonal angle.

Step 4

Continue squeezing the trigger until the caulk is expelled into the gap. Move the tip of the caulk tube slowly along the line, in a smooth, consistent motion. Caulk the whole line.


Step 5

Pull the gun away from the line. Lick your thumb and run it gently along the caulk line, pressing just hard enough to smooth it into the line. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours before using the floor.


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