How to Sharpen Cricut Blades

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Things You'll Need

  • Magnifying glass

  • Compressed air

  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil

  • Paper

Cricut blades are the primary cutting parts in a Cricut machine. They are designed to be sharp enough to cut any type of pattern or picture placed in the machine. Over time, the blades will wear down, becoming dull and cutting inconsistently. Replacing Cricut blades every few months can get expensive, so learning to sharpen the blades will allow you to extend the life of the blades and lessen the frequency for purchasing new ones.


Step 1

Check your blades for dust before attempting to sharpen them. While it is uncommon, dust can gather on your blades and cause the blades to cut poorly. Remove the cap to view the blades, using a magnifying glass if needed. Look for any fibers that may be attached to the blades. Use compressed air to blow the dust off.


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Step 2

Sharpen the blades by using heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Step 3

Tear a sheet of foil off and line it up on your Cricut machine.

Step 4

Create a file on your Cricut to cut three to four straight lines, three to four circles and three to four squares.


Step 5

Set the Cricut speed to "slow" and the thickness to "1." Setting the Cricut to a faster speed will be less effective in sharpening the blades.

Step 6

Test the blades on paper. Repeat the process if necessary.


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