Shop-Vac for Leaf Removal

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The Shop-Vac is a wet and dry vacuum that picks up most messes around the home, yard and garage. A Shop-Vac mulcher attachment fits most 16-inch Shop-Vac tanks. The mulcher can blow away leaf matter in your yard or create leaf mulch that is collected in a lawn bag. Leaf mulch can be used in your garden or added to a compost pile if you wish.


Step 1

Unclasp the top of the Shop-Vac and place the Shop-Vac Mulcher on top of the tank. Lock down the mulcher with the clamps on each side.

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Step 2

Plug the Shop-Vac into a power outlet. Attach a lawn bag to the back of the Shop-Vac Mulcher to catch the leaves as they are sucked up.

Step 3

Turn the Shop-Vac Mulcher to "Blow" and blow all of the leaves you want to mulch into a corner of your yard. This will make it easier to mulch them all at once.


Step 4

Turn the Shop-Vac Mulcher to "Mulch." Hold the Shop-Vac Mulcher over the leaves to suck them up and mulch them.

Step 5

Remove the lawn bag of mulched leaves from the Shop-Vac mulcher once you are finished or the bag is full.