How to Use a Remington 490

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Work gloves

  • Power cartridges

  • Fasteners

  • Powder cartridges

Powder-actuated hand tools set fasteners with a powder charge.

The Remington Model 490 Powerdriver is a powder-actuated, hand-held tool that resembles a power drill, but functions similarly to a firearm. The unit operates by propelling a fastener, via an explosive charge, that is based on a .22 caliber firearm cartridge. The Remington Model 490 is capable of quickly setting specially heat-treated fasteners, up to three inches long, into a variety of materials. Due to the potentially lethal effect -- use of powder-actuated tools -- in some areas, is restricted to those certified in their operation.


Step 1

Clear the work area. Put on the safety glasses and gloves: Then make sure the tool is unloaded by fully retracting the muzzle, and verifying the chamber is empty.

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Step 2

Set the piston into the muzzle by sliding the barrel all the way forward, until it stops. Insert a power fastener into the barrel of the driver -- until the point is flush with the front of the muzzle.


Step 3

Select the correct powder-load from the manufacturer's application chart. Choose the one that is recommended for the type of fastener you are using.

Step 4

Insert the powder-load all the way into the chamber of the tool. Close the chamber, by pulling back on the barrel, until it snaps closed.


Step 5

Set the driver to the lowest setting. Increase it only after you have installed the first fastener and checked the depth of penetration.

Step 6

Push the muzzle of the tool flat against the work surface -- until the barrel stops sliding -- and it is fully retracted into the tool. Pull the trigger, while maintaining constant pressure against the work surface.

Step 7

Slide the barrel quickly forward, to eject the spent cartridge. The tool is ready to be reloaded.


If the tool does not eject the spent shell after firing -- or the piston remains extended -- push the end of the muzzle against a hard surface to reset it.

Clean and lubricate the powerdriver, according to the manufactures instructions, at the end of each day.


In the unlikely event that the tool misfires, maintain pressure against the surface for 30 seconds, then release the trigger. While holding the muzzle firmly against the surface with your free hand -- re-cock the tool -- by releasing pressure on the barrel briefly -- and then reapplying pressure against the surface.

If the cartridge still fails to fire, hold the muzzle against the surface for another 30 seconds; then carefully unload the cartridge from the tool, and dispose of it in a can of oil.

Do not use the tool on extremely thin surfaces, such a drywall, unless they have sufficient backing to absorb the projected fastener.


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