How to Prime With a Wagner Paint Sprayer

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Things You'll Need

  • Masking tape

  • Drop cloths

  • Wagner Power Paint Sprayer

  • Primer

  • Paint stir stick

  • Extension cord

Wagner makes a variety of power spray painters that both professionals and non-professionals can use. Newer units have an adjustable tip called the Optimus Dual Tip to both prime and paint most materials. Wagner spray units can come with an attachable paint container for small jobs and an extension hose that can draw the material from a bucket or can for larger projects.


Step 1

Mask off all areas with the masking tape that are not to be primed and painted. You need to cover well all lights, switches or plugs, cabinets, doors and trim. Place drop cloths on the floor and furniture to protect them from overspray from the Wagner Spray Painter.

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Step 2

Mix the primer per instructions on the can. Place the can on a drop cloth, close enough to the area you need to prime that the Wagner extension hose can reach it but not so close that it will be in the way as you move around while applying the primer.

Step 3

Assemble the paint gun and attach one end of the Wagner painter extension hose into the bottom of the gun per instructions. Clip the other end of the extension hose to the primer container so that the hose is secured to the top and submerged into the paint, with the end close to the bottom of the container. The end of the hose in the primer can have the optional paint strainer basket attached, if necessary, to prevent the extension hose from sucking any debris into it and into the Wagner Paint Sprayer.


Step 4

Plug one end of the extension cord into a power outlet and the other end into the short power cord on the bottom of the Wagner Paint Sprayer. Point the gun at an inconspicuous area of the wall, about 18 inches away. Pull the trigger and verify that primer is being sucked from the primer container, through the extension hose and into the paint gun. Once the primer reaches the unit, it will start spraying from the paint gun very quickly. Adjust the nozzle of the gun to control the spray pattern of the primer. After you have adjusted the gun properly, proceed to the next step.


Step 5

Spray the primer in smooth, steady motions across the entire area. Cover the areas well but take care not to make the coat so thick it will start to run or drip.


Most models of Wagner Paint Sprayers are not the most powerful painting units and thinning of the primer or paint with water or another suitable thinner may be necessary to make it work properly. Wear goggles, a hat and coveralls to protect yourself and your clothes from overspray.


Failure to properly clean the unit according to the manufacturer's instruction after each use will cause the paint sprayer to stop working and could ruin it.


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