How to Use a T-Fal Pressure Cooker

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Cooking times in pressure cookers are much faster than conventional methods.

Pressure-cooking utilizes a build-up of steam to prepare foods in a shorter amount of time than conventional methods. This method of cooking works well with very dense meats such as pork ribs and pot roast. Care must be exercised when using a pressure cooker to ensure safety. Today's models are much safer than older ones; however, it is important to use extreme caution when handling the unit to avoid getting burned by the highly pressurized vapors.


Step 1

Open the lid by sliding back the open button located on the top of the T-Fal pressure cooker. Without releasing the button, turn the lid counter-clockwise until it releases from the cooking vessel. Carefully lift the lid off of the pressure cooker.

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Step 2

Fill the T-Fal pressure cooker with your ingredients. Do not fill the pressure cooker more than 2/3 of the way full. There must be enough room between the ingredients and the closed lid for the vapors to build pressure. When using the pressure cooker, at least 250ml of liquid must be used when cooking or 900ml of water must be used when steaming.

Step 3

Ensure that the pressure cooker regulator valve on the top of the lid is not blocked by carefully inspecting it in the light. If the valve appears to be blocked, insert a toothpick or other sharp instrument into the hole to clear the blockage.

Step 4

Close the pressure cooker by carefully lining up the lid with the base unit and turning the lid left until it clicks into place. This locks the lid to the unit and seals it.


Step 5

Position the pressure regulator valve according to the recipe and ingredients that are being cooked. Turn the dial to the correct setting. For delicate foods such as vegetables use a lower pressure setting. Use higher settings for dense ingredients such as meat.

Step 6

Place the T-Fal pressure cooker onto the stove and turn the burner setting on high. Once the pressure cooker emits a steady stream of steam through the top regulator valve, turn the burner heat down to medium until your cooking is complete.


Step 7

Turn off the heat when your recipe calls for it and then prepare to release the pressure out of the cooking vessel. To slowly release the pressure out of the vessel, turn the pressure regulator valve to the steam-release setting. This method is used for vegetable and meat dishes and stews and soups. To quickly release the pressure in your T-Fal pressure cooker, place the unit under cold running water until the pressure release valve falls and closes. This method is used for delicate cooking such as puddings and pastas. Once you have released all the pressure it is safe to open the lid.

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